Monday, 31 May 2010

It has been quite a rush this past few weeks. The girls are due to be shorn in two weeks so I had to process last year's fleeces. All of Pela's fleece is now turned into batts awaiting the big spinning session.

Ambrosia's 5 week old fleece is too short to spin but it is so soft and curly I just had to card it. I now have 5 batts of something like white lint. I have done a trial felting using merino as a middle layer to provide structure with the "baby lint " on either side...more on that another time.
I have had a go at making felt buttons, starting with a long thin 'worm' layers of fleece are wrapped around until you have what looks like a hairy fat cucumber. This is rolled and battered until it felts. The cucumber is sliced up to reveal the layers!

I think the blue ones look like fish eyes!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

knitty gritty

It's been a while since my last blog, this has a lot to do with the vegetable plot and poly tunnel.
Most crops are in now, I just need a bit more rain to get things going.

Knitter sister came down from Greenock with the latest knits from Minnie and Moira's fleece.

First this goegeous little girls cardigan, its incredibly warm and soft.

Then another hat, this one smaller than the last.

And finally a pair of wrist warmers with a dashing cable down the back and Moira's beautifully soft black fibre trimming around the hand.

We had a great weekend and I taught knitter Sister the rudiments of spinning and felting. She produced her own ball of wool from the bats prepared at the last blog and we created this little bag using jacobs sheep wool, decorated with alpaca and merino.

Lastly, littleholder produced a bag of scrap leather and we spent a happy couple of hours creating these cute little drawstring purses.

Happy days!