Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tap dancing with seaside rock

I have been getting to grips with felting, inspiration came from Liz at the Futurity. I first tried a pebble bag using some jacob sheep wool. The bag worked fine but the bit of chiffon used to keep the pebbles in place kept floating away so I gave up on that and just made a plain bucket bag. I don't have a photo as it was a pressie for my friend the jacob sheep owner and she arrived before I could get the camera out.

Next I thought to try the lacey merino scarf, it ended up looking like a stick of seaside rock and was too short to wear! (felting tends to shrink stuff).

Time for a longer piece of merino in violet and using black fibre from Moira to fasion a scarf for my son's girlfriend, this was more successful as I used bubble wrap on the top as well as the bottom of the scarf. This seemed to keep the fibre in place during the felting process. ( see the way technical terms are already creeping into my vocab.)


  1. Very clever...great photography too...who polishes the taps in your house?

  2. Bath's so new we haven't even used it yet, drains not connected until next Wed. Haven't had a bath in this house for 2 years!